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What You'll Hunt

Black Bear

Widely considered as one of the top black bear destinations in North America, Manitoba continually emerges as a preferred choice for thousands of devoted bear hunters!


When it comes to the caribou, Manitoba is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded hunting destinations in Canada!


Historically recognized for being one of the largest in North America, Manitoba’s iconic elk offers a one of a kind hunting experience!

Game Birds

Home to wild turkeys, grouse, partridge and ptarmigan, Manitoba offers an excellent opportunity for a multi-species game bird experience!

Migratory Game Birds

Welcome to the migratory mecca! Host to a generous variety of migratory game birds, Manitoba has prevailed as one of the premier waterfowl destinations in North America.


Manitoba offers a variety of select areas for exceptional moose hunting opportunities with many setting impressive examples for one of Canada’s biggest antlered animals!


Broad populations, vast habitats and favourable encounters distinguish Manitoba as popular destination for an exceptional wolf and coyote experience!

Whitetail Deer

Manitoba’s whitetail offers one of the most diverse hunting experiences available and is well known for producing massive dark antlers and often tipping the scales at 250 pounds!