Master Hunting Program

Master Hunter logoManitoba is home to world-class hunting – its vast landscape is home to millions of waterfowl and game birds, and seven big game and predator species. Hunting in Manitoba is an important part of our management of wildlife and provides substantial economic benefits to Manitoba’s rural economy.

The Master Hunter Award Program celebrates the experience of hunting, while recognizing and rewarding successful hunts throughout one’s lifetime of hunting in Manitoba.

Your Own Official Record

All hunters harvesting animals in Manitoba, including Manitobans, Canadians from other provinces, or international hunters would be eligible to apply for awards at various levels and categories. Unlike other hunting award programs, the Manitoba Master Hunter Program is not based on a size or scoring basis.

There are 6 primary awards and 5 specialist awards available within the Master Hunter Award Program. Hunters must harvest specific species to qualify for each award category.

For those new to hunting, a unique certificate will be awarded to any First Time Hunter who harvest’s their first qualifying species in Manitoba.