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Questions & Answers Related to Ice Fishing and Public Health Orders in Manitoba

Outlined below are frequently asked questions answered by the Manitoba Government regarding how the new Manitoba public health orders (updated March 5th, 2021) apply to ice fishing activities. Some of which includes ice shelters, travel to Manitoba, Guides, lodges, and Outfitters, as well as travel north of the 53rd parallel.


Venison Steak Sandwich – HuntFishMB Recipes

Some of the coldest days of the winter are here... and one of the best ways to pass the time is to dig into your freezer and experiment with new wild game recipes. In the HuntFishMB Recipe video below, Josh McFaddin takes a popular restaurant dish, a steak sandwich, and adds his own personal twist with a whitetail sirloin steak, creating a delicious Venison Steak Sandwich for you to try at home!


Skin-on Walleye Carbonara – HuntFishMB Recipes

Check out the HuntFishMB Recipe video below to see how I bring these two incredibly simple recipes into one awesome Walleye Carbonara dish. Below the video, you will find the full written recipe to help you enjoy this for yourself...


Venison SMASH Burger – HuntFishMB Recipes

As the winter months roll in, it's time to start digging into the freezer and cooking up some venison from the fall seasons hunting success. In this HuntFishMB Recipe, Josh McFadden takes ground venison and adds a twist to a traditional venison burger recipe with the Venison SMASH burger!


The Complete Guide to Ice Fishing: #9 Tip-ups – Jay Siemens Series

For the ninth chapter of Jay Siemens “Complete Guide to Ice Fishing”, Jay talks about tip-ups. There are plenty of options for what you can do with your extra line while ice fishing, from traditional tip-ups to the more modern self hook setting devices and I-Fish Pros. Jay shows how each of these work, and what species are ideal for each...


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