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The Complete Guide to Ice Fishing: #5 Heaters – Jay Siemens Series

For the fifth chapter of Jay Siemens “Complete Guide to Ice Fishing”, Jay talks about Heaters. Anyone who has spent time on the ice, knows that a good heater on a cold day can mean the difference between a full day on the ice and packing it in early. In this video Jay covers multiple different options for heaters to keep you warm and on the ice longer...


How to Process and Debone a Deer Hind-Quarter Yourself – HuntFishMB Recipes

We are here to share what we have learned over the years of home butchering and show you how to process and debone a deer hind-quarter. This will help you gain a broader understanding of the processing of venison, save you the money on a butcher, and even closer connect you to the harvest and your meat...


Goose Steak with Jalapeno Poppers – HuntFishMB Recipes

There are few hunts as social as waterfowl hunting. The camaraderie that comes with heading out into the field with a few friends, setting up the decoys, then covering up while the birds pour in - is second to none. Just as social as the hunt, is the processing and preparing of the harvested birds...


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