Ice Fishing for Manitoba Crappies – Jay Siemens Vlog

In This Jay Siemens Vlog, Jay heads into Manitoba's Eastern Region in search of pie-plate Black Crappies. It has been a few years since Jay has targeted these exciting Manitoba Crappies and with the help of a pair of skates, Jay navigates the ice and finds some great fish!


Top-Notch Ice Fishing at Wekusko Falls Lodge

There are few settings in Manitoba as beautiful as a waterfall cutting through the Northern Regions Canadian shield. Wekusko Falls near Snow Lake Manitoba is exactly that. Located along the banks of this stunning geographic landmark is Wekusko Falls Lodge. Over the years I have seen countless images and watched many videos showcasing the stunning landscape and the top-notch Ice fishing from this location. This has continually intrigued me to visit this spot for myself...


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