Coconut Curry Walleye Recipe – HuntFishMB Recipes

In Manitoba, walleye is highly toted by many as the of the best-eating fish species in the province. A Traditional walleye recipe like deep-fried fish and chips is utilized time and time again. However... this is your chance to try something new! In this HuntFishMB Recipes segment, Josh Mcfaddin introduces a whole new level of flavor into cooking and consuming walleye fillets. Josh creates a "Coconut Curry Walleye" dish that is not only easy to make but will also blow your taste buds' minds..


4 Phenomenal Manitoba Fly-in Fishing Lodges to Try This Summer

Looking for some new ideas for your next fishing vacation? Well, there has never been a better time to look into an Eastern Manitoba fly-in fishing trip. Whether it’s a buddy's getaway or a family outing, a fly-in fishing trip adds a whole new dimension to an annual fishing experience.


Wild Turkey Greek Pita Wraps – HuntFishMB Recipes

Spring wild turkey season in Manitoba has come and gone, and fall wild turkey is nearing. No matter when you get out, the ultimate goal is always the same... Put some clean, organic wild turkey meat in the freezer...


Quick + Easy Black Bear Recipe (Wild Game Egg Rolls)

if you're looking for a new and exciting black bear recipe to utilize this amazing organic meat. Then this is the place for you. In this week's episode of HuntFishMB Recipes, Josh McFaddin creates an unbelievably tasty “Black Bear Egg Rolls” that will leave you wanting more and more!


The Question of the Colour Phase Black Bear

You ever come across a black bear in Manitoba… that wasn’t so black? These largely secretive, poorly named forest dwellers can in fact display the most drastic colour variations of any animal in the province. With colour phase black bear, they can range from pitch black to a near-white blonde and every shade of brown in-between....


How To Cook Black Bear Fajitas – HuntFishMB Recipes

Manitoba spring black bear season opens today! To kick the bear season off, let's start with this awesome recipe idea from Josh Mcfaddin. In this recipe, Josh shows how to properly prepare and cook bear meat. On top of that Josh shows you a simple and delicious demonstration on how to cook black bear Fajitas...


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