Epic Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Experience – Icebound Excursions

Perhaps the most efficient, comfortable, and portable method of ice fishing is a Snobear. Unfortunately, few people have the luxury to own one of these amazing machines for themselves. Fortunately, Mat Hobson of Icebound Excursions created a solution to this problem, offering affordable daily rentals of his fleet of Snobears - Providing an epic Lake Winnipeg ice fishing experience.


Head North for Fantastic Fall Walleye Fishing – Paint Lake Lodge

In Manitoba, as the leaves begin to turn colour and the water cools, fishing only gets better and better. For a lot of species, there’s no better time for a fishing trip than the fall months. My friend Austin and I headed North from Winnipeg at the beginning of September eager to experience fall walleye fishing in Manitoba’s Northern Region. An easy half day drive lead us to Paint Lake where we stayed at Paint Lake Lodge with Owners Barry and Kathy Ruiter. Fall Walleye Fishing The primary focus of our trip was to target the region’s iconic golden walleye, and hopefully lots of them. Paint Lake is known for boasting enormous quantity of walleyes year round, and the fall is no exception. The first day we were there, Barry took us out on his boat and guided us for the day. It was great to learn the lake from […]


Sausage Gravy + Biscuits (Homemade Maple Venison Sausages)

In this installment, I whip up a tasty maple syrup breakfast sausage from scratch. Then I take those freshly made sausages and create a mouth-watering "Wild Game Sausage Gravy + Biscuits" dish that'll be sure to knock your boots off. So stick around and click the video below to see how it's done. Then, keep on scrolling for the step-by-step recipe to do it all yourself...


How to Make Sausages at Home with Wild Game (DIY)

In this video on how to make sausages at home, I walk you through the steps of stuffing your own wild-game sausages along with the tools and tricks required for a successful sausage stuffing session. Once you’ve nailed down these skills, a whole world of creative sausage-making options will be waiting for you...


Do It Yourself Fly-In Fishing for Giants – Kamuchawie Lake Outpost

Big fish, big experiences and big value! When it comes to booking a Canada fly-in fishing trip, every angler is ultimately looking for the best of all worlds. This couldn’t be more true for Laurie River Lodge’s fly-in outpost at Kamuchawie Lake. Only a short flight from Lynn Lake, Manitoba, this exceptional outpost camp sits on the shore of a highly productive fishery. The cabin and camp are as modern as it gets and powered by an incredibly quiet, off-site generator. With a focus on everyday comforts, three well appointed bedrooms, a full kitchen, diverse meal plan, freezer, indoor plumbing and bathroom facilities,  reliable boats and motors and a satellite phone for communication are there to meet your everyday needs. Although you’re in perfect solitude on a remote lake in Northern Manitoba, convenience, comfort, cuisine, and cleanliness are far from sacrificed. How about the fishing? The fishing on Kamuchawie Lake […]


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