Harbourfront Walleyes at Lakeview Gimli Resort – Manitoba Hot Bite

Lake Winnipeg is well-known as a place where ice fishing dreams come true; anglers routinely ice world-class walleye throughout the hardwater season here every winter; Gimli Harbour on the lake's west shore is a convenient place to access the lake and the immediate area is quickly becoming a popular south basin hot spot...


39 Hours Season 2 – Episode 2 – Let the Games Begin!

On this episode of 39 Hours the pre-fishing is over and the clock starts to begin the competition. From giant lake trout to blob carp and everything in between these incredible multi-species anglers put on a clinic in period one.


Do It Yourself Fly-In Fishing for Giants – Kamuchawie Lake Outpost

Big fish, big experiences and big value! When it comes to booking a Canada fly-in fishing trip, every angler is ultimately looking for the best of all worlds. This couldn’t be more true for Laurie River Lodge’s fly-in outpost at Kamuchawie Lake. Only a short flight from Lynn Lake, Manitoba, this exceptional outpost camp sits on the shore of a highly productive fishery. The cabin and camp are as modern as it gets and powered by an incredibly quiet, off-site generator. With a focus on everyday comforts, three well appointed bedrooms, a full kitchen, diverse meal plan, freezer, indoor plumbing and bathroom facilities,  reliable boats and motors and a satellite phone for communication are there to meet your everyday needs. Although you’re in perfect solitude on a remote lake in Northern Manitoba, convenience, comfort, cuisine, and cleanliness are far from sacrificed. How about the fishing? The fishing on Kamuchawie Lake […]


Personal Best Walleye Wins December Contest

12 Months of Master Angler December Winner Congratulations to Jessica Duffy! Her Master Angler walleye action photo was selected as the winner of the December edition of the 12 Months of Master Angler photo contest. She has won a $1000 gift card to Cabela’s along with a pile of awesome HuntFishMB gear. New Personal Best Walleye Catching a new personal best is always a thrill and an accomplishment to be proud of. In Jessica’s case, her new benchmark for walleye is a whopping 32 inches thanks to this monster greenback she caught recently on Lake Winnipeg. “It was so awesome. This fish beat my previous best walleye which was only a 28.5 incher,” she laughed. “I caught it using a pink and white flasher jig with a minnow.”  When pressed for the exact GPS coordinates, Jessica shared it was on the big lake and that they accessed on Chalet Beach […]


39 Hours Season 2 – Episode 1 – It All Starts Now!

The long awaited season 2 of the online angling sensation 39 hours is finally here! Every element of competitive angling has been elevated....AGAIN! This season is going to be bigger and better than ever. Four teams will be battling it out in a tournament where ALL species & ALL regions are in play. Teams will be competing to get the most points on theleaderboard to win a $13,000 donation to a charity-of-winner's choice.


12 Months of Master Angler – January Contest

12 Months of Master Angler Photo Contest Submit a qualifying Master Angler with action photo for your chance to win a $1000 gift card from Cabela’s and HuntFishMB gear! One winning photo will be chosen every month. Enter at anglers.travelmanitoba.com  Action photos will be judged on photo composition, showcase of the species, and the ‘wow’ factor of fishing in Manitoba. Follow our Facebook page FishAndHuntManitoba and Instagram @huntfishmb to see the monthly winners. Contest Submissions: *Fish must be caught and entered from the first to the last day of each contest month. Photos must be captured and available in high resolution (1 MB minimum), meet Master Angler photo requirements, and show the qualifying fish species in good health and releasable. *Check the Manitoba Angling Guide for angling season closures and regulations for individual waters. Contest Dates: January 1 to March 31, 2020 Sponsored by Cabela’s


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