Hunting for Wild Turkey in Manitoba – Manitoba Master Hunter Minute

It’s turkey time in Manitoba!

Originally introduced to the province in 1958, the wild turkey has evolved into a highly desired game species that has been successfully established throughout southern Manitoba. Growing populations and dedicated conservation projects have heightened the stature of Manitoba’s wild turkeys, which have naturally progressed into an inspiring success story and an adored challenge by Resident hunters of all ages. Manitoba is home to both the Eastern and Merriam’s sub-species, offering an exceptional choice for a multi-species turkey experience.

April 22nd marks the opening day of Manitoba’s 2017 Youth resident wild turkey season, with April 29th kicking off the general Resident wild turkey season. Hunting opportunities for wild turkey are only available to Manitoba Residents. Popular game hunting areas are located within the Western, Central Plains Pembina and Eastern Region.

Check out our Master Hunter Minute video, showcasing Manitoba’s unique hunting opportunities for wild turkey.

Celebrate the experience of hunting in Manitoba, submit your harvest to Manitoba’s Master Hunter Program.