Shore Fishing at the Gimli Main Dock

HuntFishMB – Eric Labaupa

Anglers looking for a nice spot to drop a line in Lake Winnipeg need look no further than the Gimli Main Dock. Located in the heart of this bustling tourist town, the dock is actually a long breakwall that protects the large marina. Shore fishing can be done along most of the wall all the way down to the rocky point at the end. Also a popular place to take a stroll, the scenic dock is lined with street lamps, garbage receptacles, and an elevated deck which is helpful to anglers so they can see over the wall.

By far the most used and effective tactic when fishing here is tying on a pickerel rig. Essentially a modified drop shot setup, the rig consists of two hooks and a weight arranged together via various terminal pieces. A helpful tip whenever employing this tactic is to replace the snelled hooks that come with the package and instead attach sturdier and sharper pre-packaged ones. You can also utilize specific sized hooks this way to appropriately target the species you are after.

Local stores all along the main strip in town carry fishing licences, tackle, and bait. Popular choices are frozen salted minnows or nightcrawlers. In terms of species walleye, sauger, goldeye, yellow perch, bullhead, and freshwater drum are commonly caught from the dock. White bass, channel catfish, and common carp can also be caught on occasion.

On a recent trip to the Gimli dock, I was able to catch some small saugers and several Master Angler bullhead including this 15 inch beast. Other anglers nearby shared that they had caught a few greenback walleyes and yellow perch in the morning.

Located just less than an hour north of Winnipeg, Gimli is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Aside from being a popular fishing destination, there is a large beach in town complete with beach volleyball courts, picnic areas, and a vibrant nearby commercial sector. Other places to try shore fishing the Interlake Region side of Lake Winnipeg include the Winnipeg Beach Marina, Hnausa Dock, and Hecla Village.

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