Ruffed Grouse Hunting in Manitoba – Manitoba Master Hunter Minute

Ruffed grouse on the swing!

Manitoba’s ruffed grouse is arguably the most commonly pursued upland game bird within our provincial boundaries. From early fall to early winter, ruffed grouse hunting becomes a time-honored tradition for many hunting families. It’s also a unique experience that is ultimately responsible for educating and influencing many new or budding hunters.

The ruffed grouse is widely dispersed and inhabits every region in Manitoba. From the deciduous bluffs of our southern plains to the dense mixed forests of our northern landscapes, hunting opportunities are abundant and diverse. Walking miles of woodland trails amongst the diverse wilderness, while eagerly anticipating the heart pounding flush of a startled ruffie, is a cherished occasion for any upland enthusiast. Their thrilling pursuit and phenomenal table fare make this upland legend a sought after hunting opportunity that is both challenging and rewarding.

Check out our Master Hunter Minute video, showcasing Manitoba’s unique hunting opportunities for ruffed grouse.

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