Sausage Gravy + Biscuits (Homemade Maple Venison Sausages)

In this installment, I whip up a tasty maple syrup breakfast sausage from scratch. Then I take those freshly made sausages and create a mouth-watering "Wild Game Sausage Gravy + Biscuits" dish that'll be sure to knock your boots off. So stick around and click the video below to see how it's done. Then, keep on scrolling for the step-by-step recipe to do it all yourself...


How to Make Sausages at Home with Wild Game (DIY)

In this video on how to make sausages at home, I walk you through the steps of stuffing your own wild-game sausages along with the tools and tricks required for a successful sausage stuffing session. Once you’ve nailed down these skills, a whole world of creative sausage-making options will be waiting for you...


Do It Yourself Fly-In Fishing for Giants – Kamuchawie Lake Outpost

Big fish, big experiences and big value! When it comes to booking a Canada fly-in fishing trip, every angler is ultimately looking for the best of all worlds. This couldn’t be more true for Laurie River Lodge’s fly-in outpost at Kamuchawie Lake. Only a short flight from Lynn Lake, Manitoba, this exceptional outpost camp sits on the shore of a highly productive fishery. The cabin and camp are as modern as it gets and powered by an incredibly quiet, off-site generator. With a focus on everyday comforts, three well appointed bedrooms, a full kitchen, diverse meal plan, freezer, indoor plumbing and bathroom facilities,  reliable boats and motors and a satellite phone for communication are there to meet your everyday needs. Although you’re in perfect solitude on a remote lake in Northern Manitoba, convenience, comfort, cuisine, and cleanliness are far from sacrificed. How about the fishing? The fishing on Kamuchawie Lake […]


Multi-species Ice Fishing at Pelican Lake – Jay Siemens Vlog

A gem of Manitoba's southern reaches, Pelican Lake has recently become a staple multi-species ice fishing destination in the province. Famed for its jumbo perch, thick walleye, and plentiful fat northern pike - Anglers from all over have made the adventure to this picturesque Ice fishing destination...


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