Burbot Recipe! Butter Burbot & Flatbread

Also, as my favourite freshwater fish to eat, I am always looking for new ways to slide this unique fish into new dishes - and thus spawned this incredible Burbot Recipe "Butter Burbot with Flatbread" ...


Manitoba Ice Fishing Report – December

As we look forward to starting the new year soon, here is a look back on some of the phenomenal catches from Manitoban anglers throughout December in the month's ice fishing report.


Winter Walleye Chowder – HuntFishMB Recipes

It’s cold outside. The heat is going in the ice shack but you’ve got a slight hint of an inner chill that you can’t quite shake. There’s only one thing that can remedy this frigid feeling and it needs to be attacked from the inside with a hot, savoury and stick-to-the-guts bowl of the thickest walleye chowder you’ve ever made. 


How to Debone a Deer Shoulder – HuntFishMB Recipes

There is no better way to celebrate a successful hunt than to process your newly acquired meat yourself. Whether it be in the outdoors, at the shop or on the kitchen counter; all you truly need is a sharp knife, a couple of hours and a few freezer bags. So far we have covered "How to Debone a Deer Hind-Quarter", "How to Remove a Deer Tenderloin" and "How to Remove a Deer Backstrap". For our last installment, which many have already asked for, here is our "How to Debone a Deer Shoulder" with Josh McFaddin.


 Manitoba Fall Fishing Report – October

With the first snowflakes already fallen, it won’t be long until the lakes become still in the grasp of the bitter winter cold. Yet as we approach the forthcoming winter, anglers continue to take advantage of the phenomenal fall fishing opportunities throughout Manitoba.


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