Manitoba Fall Fishing Report – September

In the upcoming weeks, the fall fishing opportunities will be bountiful. Whether it be the giant greenbacks, fired-up trout, line peeling bronze backs, or monster lake trout...


Fly-in Kayak Fishing at Shining Falls Lodge – Jay Siemens Vlog

In this Jay Siemens adventure, we partnered with Shining Falls Lodge and Old Town Kayaks to create a fly-in fishing experience like no other. They were able to fly 6 brand new fishing kayaks into their remote island lodge. Creating a one-of-a-kind kayak fishing adventure.


Top Manitoba Ice Fishing Lodges & Outfitters to Visit This Winter

When it comes to Ice Fishing in Manitoba, we are no stranger to the growing ‘ice fishing revolution, nor to the world-class ice fisheries that annually entice thousands of fanatical ice anglers. Our cold winters are a gateway to unreal ice fishing opportunities...


Fishing on Lake Winnipeg at Its Finest – Blackwater Cats

When it comes to fishing on Lake Winnipeg for giant greenback walleyes. You are talking about an experience that Donovan Pearase, owner, and operator of Blackwater Cats has spent over a decade perfecting. From experienced guides scattered across this frozen oasis in search of the next big bite - To decades of winters worth of knowledge and wisdom on this world-renowned body of water. Donovan has built Blackwater Cats into one of the most successful outfitting businesses on Lake Winnipeg...


Top-Notch Lake Winnipeg Walleye Fishing – Briun Outfitting

When it comes to Lake Winnipeg walleye, There are a variety of outfitters that operate on Lake Winnipeg in the winter. One of the best is Bruin Outfitting. From a team of professional guides to years of experience on this vast body of water; Bruin Outfitting has been making ice anglers' Greenback Walleye dreams come true, time and time again.


Epic Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Experience – Icebound Excursions

Perhaps the most efficient, comfortable, and portable method of ice fishing is a Snobear. Unfortunately, few people have the luxury to own one of these amazing machines for themselves. Fortunately, Mat Hobson of Icebound Excursions created a solution to this problem, offering affordable daily rentals of his fleet of Snobears - Providing an epic Lake Winnipeg ice fishing experience.


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