Arctic Char

Arctic Char

The Arctic char is a symbolic figure of Canada’s Arctic and arguably one of the most exotic fish to ever frequent the fresh waters of North America. As the reigning king of river-bound idols, the char is a sought-after prospect that annually migrates through the rugged coastal tributaries of the far north. This awe-inspiring species demands the best of angler’s abilities and is widely considered one of the hardest fighting varieties in existence.

While prominent in the high Arctic, natural populations of char are rarely encountered in Manitoba and have only made limited appearances in the lower reaches of our northern rivers, which flow into Hudson Bay. Angling opportunities in this region are extremely rare.

However, an exclusive ice fishing opportunity for stocked char is presently available in the Parkland Region, with Snail Lake offering winter access to a novelty Arctic char experience that often produces fish over 23 inches!

Angling opportunities for Arctic char are available during the hard water months of December to April.

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