Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling

The “Sailfish of the North”. Highly treasured for its aggressive action, aerial abilities, and mesmerizing colors, the Arctic grayling is undoubtedly one of Manitoba’s most admired sub-Arctic icons. The grayling is a remarkable species, it liberally inhabits countless rivers and lakes in the far reaches of the Northern Region and is widely recognized for offering one of the most rewarding light tackle or fly fishing experiences available.

Casting into a pool with an observed congregation of huge grayling is a sight that is rarely comparable. Multiple casts can be entertained by impressive quantities of marauding marvels that will kindly smash your fly or spinner with reckless abandon. It’s an encounter that’s unique to Manitoba’s north and one that will reliably offer attainable opportunities at 20 inch plus giants!

Angling opportunities for Arctic grayling are popular during the open water months of May to September.

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