Brown Trout

Brown Trout

This highly respected trout species has set a precedence for a highly afforded fishing experience. With an established history on many of the provinces world class fly fishing waters, Manitoba’s brown trout has developed a notable reputation for their challenging quest and capability of growing to a staggering size. Hooking into a monster brown trout is an occasion that will instantly remind you why there surrounded by so much hype.

The brown is an efficiently powered predator that has an uncanny ability to play you like a fiddle. They will shower you with an array of electrifying jumps, relentless runs and erratic urges that will often take you through a gauntlet of nasty cover. Take them for granted, and well…. the party will be over before it even started.

Manitoba is home to, more than one, epic brown trout destination. With a wide selection of sought after fisheries that offer phenomenal populations, the possibilities are endless for the universally desired, hooked jaw giant. With common catches that exceed 28 inches, Manitoba has an open door to the ultimate brown trout adventure!

Angling opportunities for brown trout are popular during the open water months of May, June, September and October and during the hard water months of December, January, March and April.

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