Cisco (Tullibee)

Cisco (Tullibee)

Widely known as a preferred forage option for many of Manitoba’s larger predator species, this common member of the whitefish family offers an appealing alternative to those who wish to pursue it. Predominantly targeted during the hard water months, the tullibee is a challenging species that often offers fast and erratic encounters with swarming assemblies of finicky followers. Getting the upper hand on these nomadic silver bullets is a fun-filled experience that can regularly present big numbers, relentless bites, and a plentiful supply of appealing smoked delicacies.

Tullibee inhabits a variety of lakes throughout Manitoba and is primarily caught during the spring, fall, and winter months. Targeting tullibee through the ice is gaining popularity, promoting access and opportunities at 23 inch plus specimens!

Tullibee are commonly caught during the open water months of June and September and the hard water months of December to April.

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