Common Carp

Common Carp

The big, bad carp. Big as in “wow” and bad as in “controversial”, the common carp is a love or hate species. But at the end of the day, this Manitoba outcast has gained unquestioned popularity from dedicated global carp anglers and those that are simply looking for a supersized tug. Visit the popular big lake tributaries throughout Manitoba’s southern regions and you will find some of the finest carp factories in existence.

Targeting giant carp is an exhilarating adventure that will commonly exceed every pre-determined expectation. An immediate explosion of raw power, a prolonged exhibition of peeling line and a gruelling back and forth tug of war, that never seems to end, are all collective episodes that will be present during any given carp introduction.

As a species of convenience, carp inhabit a wide selection of creeks, rivers and lakes that are easily accessible and offer ample opportunities to fish from shore. Opportunities at 30 plus inch fish are readily available with 40 inch giants setting the bar for the ultimate carp catch!

Angling opportunities for carp are popular during the months of May to October.

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