Lake Sturgeon

Lake Sturgeon

“Hooking up on dinosaurs” is an expression that you might be familiar with if you have engaged in a mind altering angling excursion that required you to hook, fight and land a prehistoric giant. Tangling with Manitoba’s largest freshwater fish is the epitome of an epic angling battle. It’s an experience that offers everything; the intensity of a long awaited bite, the anxiety from an uncertain hookset, the punishing exertion from the constant tug and the overwhelming emotion from the first glimpse and realization that this humungous fish is actually longer than you are!

Manitoba’s lake sturgeon has progressed into a craved angling experience that has taken off like a wild prairie storm. As a result of a long time catch and release policy and management program, lake sturgeon have once again become a popular angling option, offering impressive numbers and excellent opportunities for that “once in a lifetime” giant!

Angling opportunities for lake sturgeon are popular during the months of May to September.

Top producing fisheries include the Assiniboine River, Saskatchewan River and the Red River.

Manitoba Record: Caught in the Red River, measuring 199.39 cm (78.5”).

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