Lake Trout

Lake Trout

“Land of the Giants”, the earned alias of Manitoba’s famed Northern Region, is host to several of Canada’s most coveted lake trout fisheries. These deep-water moguls persuade immeasurable numbers of loyal trout anglers to actively pursue their infinite opportunities and legendary dimensions. Hooking into one of Manitoba’s largest predators is an experience unlike any other. It’s a demanding occasion that will undoubtedly test the strength of your tackle and your ability to overcome adversity.

Giant lakers are an impressive challenge, with weights that surpass large rocks, speed that rivals a rocket and endurance that would only be matched at a marathon, they offer little weakness to take advantage of and the capability to “end the show” at a moment’s notice. There is nothing small about the lake trout, big hits, big runs and big battles are the norm!

Manitoba’s lake trout have set an example for being one of the most attainable “big game” angling experiences available. Big trout are commonly caught throughout the Northern Region and are successfully targeted at a variety of drive to and fly-in destinations. Chances at 40 inch plus brutes are extremely common and the potential to land that 50 inch monster is always a possibility!

Angling opportunities for lake trout are popular during the open water months of May, June, July, September and October and during the hard water months of March and April.

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