Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

Known as Manitoba’s most popular stocked trout species, the rainbow trout continually wins the hearts and minds of fanatical fly fishers and seasoned hard tackle anglers that flock to our province to pursue this revered species. As a recipient of one of the most recognized stocking and trophy trout programs, Manitoba’s “Bow”, has achieved global recognition for its unbelievable growth rates, signature takes and extraordinary abundance.

Those who annually trail Manitoba’s giant rainbows can attest to their demanding requirement for strategy, skill and effective technique. Gaining the upper hand on seasoned bow takes a persistent approach, but the rewards can be colossal. The chances of landing a 26 inch plus titan is as real as it gets and the prospect of that 28 inch plus fish of a lifetime, is a proven annual achievement!

Angling opportunities for rainbow trout are as diverse as the fisheries they inhabit. Popular open water months are May to October and hard water months of December, March and April.

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