Rock Bass

Rock Bass

As an underrated opportunity that often exudes an appetite bigger than its mouth, the rock bass is a gutsy little scrapper that will gladly show up for any extended underwater tussle. This red-eyed menace offers an aggressive bite that seldom decelerates and is regularly found in several fisheries throughout the southern regions of Manitoba. Unfortunately outclassed by its bigger counterpart, the smallmouth, the rocky is often overlooked as a worthy option and largely ignored by anglers searching for an ambitious tug.

Offering credit where credit is due, the rock bass is a great option for anglers looking to expand their Master Angler accomplishments, bass angling encounters or simply for those new to the alluring world of fishing. This underestimated panfish can be consistently caught at a number of convenient and isolated waterbodies, with impressive examples annually attaining the 14 inch mark!

Angling opportunities for rock bass are popular from May to October.

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