Persistent action, promising numbers and wide spread populations! This close cousin and miniature version of the legendary “Walleye”, is an adaptable little biter that dwells in many of Manitoba’s productive lake and river fisheries. Prominently common in heavy current, the sauger is a targeted favorite for those who fish from shore at the numerous hydro dams and fast flowing rivers throughout our provincial regions. While providing an excellent angling experience, the sauger also holds its own in the “extremely delicious” category, with a firm white fillet that matches any of its fine eating competitors.

Sauger can be caught throughout the calendar year and can often be found as a mixed catch at many popular Manitoba walleye destinations. Distinguishing between the two is quite simple, sauger will have noticeable spots on their dorsal fin, dark blotches on the sides of their body and are without a white spot on the bottom of the tail. While being much smaller than the average walleye, many favorable sauger fisheries will offer opportunities at 18 inch fish, with several annual catches exceeding a mind boggling 20 inches!

Angling opportunities for sauger are popular throughout the open and hard water seasons.

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