Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass (aka, Bronzebacks) have exploded to a celebrity status on Manitoba’s angling scene. These solid, hard-hitting favorites that often rival the spirit of fish twice their size, have received a standing ovation from hard core bass anglers abroad. Our numerous smallmouth fisheries have set an impressive example for size, quantity and variety and continue to produce appealing experiences throughout our various regions.

Manitoba’s bronze behemoths are typically renowned in the Eastern Region of the province but impressive angling opportunities have also been acclaimed in the Northern, Parkland, Western and Central Plains/Pembina Valley Regions. Whether it’s drive to, boat in or fly in waters, giant smallies are abundant and are continually exceeding expectations, with many surpassing 19 inches and benchmarks reaching 22 inches!

Angling opportunities for smallmouth bass are popular from May to October.

Top producing fisheries include Rocky Lake, Winnipeg River, Echo Lake, Shoe Lake, Rice Lake, Quesnel Lake, Booster Lake, Crowduck Lake, Shoal Lake and Deloraine Reservoir.

Manitoba Record: Caught in Rice Lake, measuring 61.60 cm (24.25”)

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