White Sucker, Silver Redhorse, Golden Redhorse, Shorthead Redhorse, Bigmouth Buffalo and Quillback. A long list of catchable sucker species that all inhabit a large variety of Manitoba’s lakes and rivers. Even though they are a well-represented species of our provincial fish fraternity, the poor ole sucker hasn’t exactly reached mainstream stardom like many of our other flagship species have. But they do however, offer distinct, catchable options that all have their own unique experience.

For instance, the bigmouth buffalo, an allusive opponent that has gained significant popularity from anglers that have made it their sole journey to consistently catch and release. It’s hard to catch, even harder to find, it fights like a champ and grows to a giant length of 35 plus inches. How could you go wrong?

Manitoba’s sucker species offer a “Grand Slam” of unique angling opportunities. Whether they are a targeted or an incidental catch, the sucker can be a worthy challenge and an attractive opportunity to obtain a Manitoba Master Angler Award or contribute to achieving that “Specialty” or “Ultimate” angler designation. With hundreds of annual Master Angler submissions, the sucker has certainly solidified its place in the “consistently pursued” category!

Angling opportunities for multiple sucker species are popular year-round.

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