Recognized as Manitoba’s official provincial fish, the walleye (or locally known as the pickerel) is the most sought after species within our provincial boundaries. Actively pursued for its unrivaled eating qualities, the walleye is equally favoured for its potential size, presence in numbers and consistent action. Home to many of the top producing walleye fisheries in North America, Manitoba is a preferred destination to thousands of die-hard walleye anglers that visit our province each and every year.

Unique to Lake Winnipeg and its tributaries, the world famous “Greenback”, is a growing phenomenon that has taken the walleye world by storm. This amazing color phase walleye showcases iridescent, emerald green colors on its back and bright silver on its sides, an astonishing display that is only exceeded by their own reputation to grow to unprecedented lengths and widths.

Giant walleyes are the norm in Manitoba, whether your choose to fish the north, south, east or west, hundreds of fish exceeding 28 inches are caught and released every season!

Angling opportunities for walleye are available year round and are equally popular during the open and hard water seasons. Prime times for giant greenbacks are September, October, December, January and March.

Top producing fisheries include Gunisao Lake, Sasaginnigak Lake, Tramping Lake, Athapapuskow Lake, Lake of the Prairies, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba Narrows, Dauphin Lake, Waterhen River, Red River and the Winnipeg River.

Manitoba Record: Caught in the Red River, measuring 99.06 cm (39”).

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