White Bass

White Bass

Stumbling upon a captivating display of frothing water, which reveals thousands of boiling baitfish frantically scattering for their lives, is an aquatic spectacle that few anglers ever get to see. Throw in an enormous school of ravenous white bass that relentlessly assault the nervous perimeters of these confused minnows and you have an awe-inspiring event that attracts countless anglers to its timely occurrence.

As a provincial species that are found exclusively in Lake Winnipeg and its tributaries, the white bass offers an irresistible opportunity that can provide fierce strikes on every cast with rapid, light tackle thrills that often convert into mind-boggling sizes and 100 fish days. Timing is the key to successfully targeting these opportunistic predators as their finite feeding patterns have them moving constantly and difficult to predict.

Catching white bass that exceeds the 16-inch mark is a common occurrence in Manitoba, with various annual examples reaching an unbelievable 18 inches. Getting into a predominant school of these feeding frenzied giants is a stand-alone experience that will ultimately reward the persistent angler!

Angling opportunities for white bass are popular from May to June.

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