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June 23rd, 2017

Pounding Shoreline for Endless Smallmouth Bass - Manitoba Species Spotlight

Gear up for incredible summertime smallmouth bass action! Manitoba is home to countless lakes and rivers with ridiculous populations of tank smallies. These aggressive predators will attack a variety of lures and presentations. Getting one to smash your offering is the easy part as these bruisers...
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June 23rd, 2017


Fishing for Super Sized Sturgeon - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Hooking into a monster lake sturgeon is a feeling like no other.  Freshwater species wise, very few can compare to the brute strength that a sturgeon can exert when hooked on rod and reel. The massive Winnipeg River system in the Eastern Region of Manitoba is a hotbed for targeting these

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Manitoba Hot Bite - Springtime Greenbacks

  Greenback walleye on Lake Winnipeg has been synonymous with fantastic fall season and hard water fishing for many years.  Relatively untouched by comparison however, is the massive spring migration of these emerald fish back to the open expanse of the northern basin of the lake.  

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"12 Months of Master Angler" Contest

Cabela's Presents: “12 Months of Master Angler” Contest We want to see your best catch. Submit any qualifying Master Angler freshwater drum* for your chance to win a $1000 gift card from Cabela's! Here's how to enter: Submit an action photo with your qualifying Master Angler freshwater drum

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Manitoba Hot Bite - Reservoir Walleye Smackdown

  Manitoba is famous for having a plethora of world class walleye waters throughout every corner of the province.  So when we say that Lake of the Prairies is in the top tier of destinations to hit that is definitely saying a lot.  Walleye enthusiasts ranging from trophy hunters

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Manitoba Hot Bite - White Bass Run Frenzy

There are several contenders for the widely tossed around ‘pound for pound’ hardest fighting fish title with the bruiser smallmouth bass usually at the top.  A hugely underrated scrapper, however, is the Lake Winnipeg white bass.  Growing to sizes regularly exceeding 18”, their often

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