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May 22nd, 2018

Manitoba Black Bear Hunting with Adrenaline Outfitters - Canada in the Rough TV

Written by: The Canada in the Rough Crew When we get asked what our favorite wild game meat is, black bear is generally our answer.  Not only is it a little more tender than most wild game, but we find the flavor is often a mix of beef and pork with a slightly sweet edge to it.  ...
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May 22nd, 2018


5 Easy Ways to Discover Exceptional Fishing in Manitoba, Canada

Everyone wants to know where the hot bite is! We all love to pursue those seasonal hot bites. It could be giant walleye and pike in the spring, huge channel catfish in the summer, tank smallmouth in the fall, or monster lake trout in the winter. But let’s face it, time always seems to be a

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Manitoba Northern Pike on Cedar Lake - Fish Addictions TV

Fantastic drive-to northern pike fishing is available across all regions of the province. No where is this more evident than in Manitoba's Northern Region. The opportunity to access endless trophy calibre lakes by road draws thousands of visitors north every year.  Fish Addictions TV visited

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Lake Winnipeg Greenback Walleyes... in May?

 HuntFishMB - Eric Labaupa The famous Manitoba fall run of greenback walleye is well documented and anticipated every year. Targeting massive schools of these emerald giants through Lake Winnipeg ice has also become the stuff of legend. Increasingly gaining in popularity amongst anglers

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Northern Region Walleye Gold Rush

HuntFishMB - Eric Labaupa "Go north young man..." Similar to the gold-panning rush days of centuries past, anglers have been flocking to the Northern Region of Manitoba in search of riches. The currency this time around however is golden walleye. Word has gotten out about lake after lake in this

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Top Manitoba Bass Destinations

HuntFishMB - Eric Labaupa Manitoba may not immediately come to mind when talking about smallmouth bass. The big three of walleye, lake trout, and northern pike receive most of the press around these parts. World-class channel catfishing and stillwater trout fisheries are also highly regarded

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