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September 21st, 2017

Fall Time is Prime Time for Monster Trout

Manitoba offers a wealth of stocked trout fishing opportunities, with almost all of these majestic locations easily accessible by vehicle throughout the entire season.  Most of these lakes are open to angling year round due to the fact that trout do not successfully spawn in a good portion...
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September 21st, 2017


Top Drive-to Trophy Walleye Destinations This Fall

The fall season in Manitoba has become synonymous with huge walleye.  Every year hundreds of Master Angler walleye are caught during this period of cooling temperatures, migrating schools, and shorter daylight hours.  While the chances of catching the fish of a lifetime are possible

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Fly Fishing for Massive Tiger Trout in Manitoba - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Tiger trout are a unique cross between a brook trout and brown trout.  These gorgeous looking fish also have a mean streak that anglers can only fully comprehend once they have had one hooked on rod and reel.  Only a few lakes in Manitoba can lay claim to being home to these spunky hybrid

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'12 Months of Master Angler' August Contest Winner

'12 Months of Master Angler' August Contest Winner! Congratulations Ryan Roziere, your photo has been chosen as the winner of the August 'Common Carp' edition of the contest. You have won a $1000 gift card from Cabela's! Thank you to everyone who entered Master Angler common carp catches in

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National Park Northern Pike at Clear Lake

Manitoba is home to big northern pike. Literally every corner of the province has phenomenal northern pike fishing opportunities. A popular drive-to destination is Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park.  Straddling the border between the Parkland and Western Region is this scenic deep

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Hunting for Sandhill Cranes in Manitoba - Manitoba Master Hunter Minute

Manitoba's "Big Game" of migratory game birds! The Sandhill crane is a highly distinctive migrant that annually populates the vast wetlands and grain fields throughout Manitoba. Their challenging pursuit, formidable size, and sought after table qualities have afforded them a notable trademark and

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