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What You'll Catch

Arctic Char

The Arctic char is a symbolic figure of Canada’s Arctic and arguably one of the most exotic fish to ever frequent the fresh waters of North America!

Arctic Grayling

The “Sailfish of the North”, the Arctic grayling is highly treasured for its aggressive action, aerial abilities, and mesmerizing colors!

Black Crappie

Manitoba's crappie has become a mainstream megastar that persuades masses of anglers to pursue its prized potential!

Brook Trout

Whether you choose to use conventional methods, fly fish or ice fish, Manitoba has world class brook trout opportunities in spades!

Brown Bullhead

This pintsized brawler can be a constant catch throughout the open water season and a great angling option for those learning to fish!

Brown Trout

Manitoba’s brown trout have developed a notable reputation for their challenging quest and capability of growing to a staggering size!


The burbot may easily acquire the most votes for the “least likely to take home” award, but it’s an angling opportunity that can offer a whole lot of “wow” factor!

Channel Catfish

As the proclaimed “Channel Catfish Capital of the World”, Manitoba has set the bar for the unparalleled channel catfish destination!

Cisco (Tullibee)

Manitoba's tullibee is a challenging species that often offers fast and erratic encounters with swarming assemblies of finicky followers!

Common Carp

This Manitoba outcast has gained unquestioned popularity from dedicated global carp anglers and those that are simply looking for a supersized tug!

Freshwater Drum

Locally identified as the “Silver Bass”, this distinctive prowler of popular big lake tributaries is a known source of plenty of relentless shallow water quarrels!


This wandering river superstar is a cherished catch for those who religiously savour its highly prized flesh and eagerly await its annual arrival!

Lake Sturgeon

“Hooking up on dinosaurs” is an expression that you might be familiar with if you have engaged in an epic angling battle with Manitoba's largest freshwater fish!

Lake Trout

“Land of the Giants”, the earned alias of Manitoba’s famed Northern Region, is host to several of Canada’s most coveted lake trout fisheries!

Lake Whitefish

Anglers who eagerly trail this plentiful species are repeatedly handed an unreal angling experience that would make most speculate on whether it actually happened!

Largemouth Bass

Manitoba's largemouth bass have established a respectable presence on a few exclusive fisheries and have valiantly acquired the undivided attention of devout bass anglers!


Almost identical to its closest relative, the goldeye, the mooneye has everything to offer that the goldeye does, including its highly demanded angling experience and gourmet qualities!


Widely described as the “ultimate” freshwater predator, the allusive muskie could be one of the most actively pursued big game fish species in North America!

Northern Pike

“King of the North” is a familiar title that arguably labels Manitoba’s most popular sport fish, whose annual audience consists of thousands of ardent anglers that pursue this aggressive predator!

Rainbow Trout

As a recipient of one of the most recognized stocking and trophy trout programs, Manitoba’s “Bow”, has achieved global recognition for its unbelievable growth rates, signature takes and extraordinary abundance!

Rock Bass

This red-eyed menace offers an aggressive bite that seldom decelerates and is regularly found in several fisheries throughout the southern regions of Manitoba!


This close cousin and miniature version of the legendary “Walleye”, is an adaptable little biter that dwells in many of Manitoba’s productive lake and river fisheries!

Smallmouth Bass

Manitoba's numerous smallmouth fisheries have set an impressive example for size, quantity and variety and continue to produce appealing experiences throughout our various regions!


With the strength and explosiveness of a lake trout and the elusive nature of a brook trout, the splake is an inspiring species that produces hallmark battles on some of the most attractive fisheries in Manitoba!


A long list of catchable sucker species inhabit a large variety of Manitoba’s lakes and rivers, offering a “Grand Slam” of unique angling opportunities!


The aggressive bite and staggering colors of big, bull bluegills has turned these panfish into a sought after angling opportunity on a limited number of Manitoba fisheries!

Tiger Trout

This half brown trout, half brook trout hybrid has established itself as a top-of-the-food-chain predator that presents one of the most exclusive angling experiences within Manitoba!


Giant walleyes are the norm in Manitoba whether your choose to fish the north, south, east, or west. Hundreds of fish exceeding 30 inches are caught and released every season!

White Bass

Getting into a predominant school of these feeding frenzied giants is a stand-alone experience that will ultimately reward the persistent angler!

Yellow Perch

Catching jumbo perch that easily exceed the 14" mark is an experience that will make you look twice and cause to wonder if that brilliantly coloured, awkwardly proportioned fish is actually real!