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Fishing in Manitoba's Central Region

Encompassing a unique section of the province, this region holds fantastic angling waters from the south end of Lake Manitoba all the way down to the southern stretches of the mighty Red River. Hidden gems dot the landscape everywhere in between, in addition to the productive waters of the Assiniboine and Pembina Rivers as they meander their way through.

Signature Species: Freshwater Drum, Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Rock Bass, Common Carp

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Hunting Description: 

Hunting in Manitoba's Central Region

From the stunning landscapes of the Pembina River Valley to the southern edge of Lake Manitoba, the Central Region stands in the heart of south central Mantioba. Home to rich farmland, rolling hard woods and the legendary Delta Marsh, this unique region is recognized for its outstanding waterfowl and game bird hunting.

Signature Species: Wild Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Ducks, Geese, Grouse, Partridge

Waterfowl Hunting in Manitoba

Host to a generous variety of migratory game birds,  Manitoba has prevailed as one of the premier waterfowl  destinations in North America. Home to Ducks Unlimited  and their first Canadian wetland restoration project, Manitoba  is recognized for holding some of the very best in prairie nesting  habitat and for possessing an impressive inventory of prime  environments for ducks, geese and Sandhill cranes. 

Big Game Hunting in Manitoba

Diverse species, prime habitats and remote populations,  essential qualities that have all shaped Manitoba’s reputable status as a premier big game destination. Central Canadian barren ground caribou, Canadian moose, elk, whitetail deer, black bear, wolf and coyote inhabit the limits of our various terrains and present  an array of sought-after hunting experiences, with many unique  to the heart of Canada.

Early Ice Fishing Safety Tips

The countdown is on! As temperatures dip below the freezing mark, it won't be long before less sizeable heavily sheltered lakes become covered in ice, initiating the beginning of another hard-water season. Many anglers relish the mild weather and aggressive bites that go hand-in-hand with the transition period commonly referred to as first-ice...

Top 5 Reasons to Ice Fish in Manitoba

Manitoba welcomes you to our hard water world. Come see why thousands of ice fishing fanatics descend on our province every winter to drop a line. There are many reasons to visit but we have narrowed it down to the Top 5. Hopefully this list helps to convince you to choose Manitoba for your next ice fishing adventure.

My First Turkey! Southern Manitoba Turkey Hunt - Jay Siemens

The southern areas of Manitoba's Central Region offer exceptional turkey hunting opportunities for resident hunters. The wild turkey inhabits a large percentage of the region's sprawling agricultural and woodlot habitats, which often presents the most favourable choice for those looking to pursue wild turkeys for the very first time...

Whitemud River Walleyes

As fast moving water begins ripping through tributaries, providing superb spawning grounds across the province, there’s no better excuse for calling in sick, gathering up the crew, and heading down to the Whitemud River. Carving its way through the southern end of Manitoba, this often overlooked watercourse... 

Keep Safe on the Ice in March

Spring is knocking on our door step as the south winds begin blowing in some beautiful temperatures across the province. Some of the best ice fishing can be had this time of year, also known as 'March Madness'. Along with having phenomenal fishing and hot...

Manitoba Has Hunting At Its Heart

Walking along a forest trail, I come upon a large wetland, where a big bull moose stands chest deep in the icy water, eating a breakfast of submerged vegetation. One well-placed shot from my rifle and the bull stumbles to the shore before falling. Hunkered in a blind, I watch a flock of Canada geese set their wings and finish right in the pocket...